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I know my New Year’s Resolution, being a mere word, doesn’t seem to be outlandish, overwhelming or even unachievable.  I also know I could write a mega list that would seem ever so much more impressive.  And, in reality, it is probably necessary that a list does appear. . .you know, at some point.

But lists are boring to read and, quite honestly, they can crush the spirit to try before one even begins.  (I know this from experience.)

Instead, I thought I would categorize my goals (and maybe give a synopsis?).  I’m hoping it will help.

So here are the “broad strokes” of things I wish to declutter:

  • Diet (the way we eat)
    • Honestly, I believe I live under the delusion that we actually eat fairly healthy.  I say that because if I compare our eating habits to those of others we know we do.  Yet, I no longer wish to compare and have recently decided we need to go to a more plant based diet.  At this point we eat probably one vegetarian meal every 10 days.  I want to reverse that.  I suspect I’ll be discussing diet quite a bit in the short term so I’m not going to go further here.
  • Physical
    • I’m a couch potato, and freely admit it.  Part of it is because I despise exercising — it makes me feel like crud.  Another part is because I work at home, and I’m an introverted homebody.  However, I do want to get “more fit” — and while that comment is vague as hell, it’s the best I’ve got at the moment.
    • I suppose I should state here that I would love to lose between 30 & 40 pounds (keeping it off) this year.  I’m giving myself the full year to do this — so nothing extreme.  (30 lbs. would be great and 40 lbs. would hit the ideal)
    • If I “declutter” my physical self I’ll be able to get new clothes!  (This is becoming an important issue as many of my clothes are wearing out.)
  • Craft projects
    • Oh my goodness!  I love crafts — and it shows!  In fact, it may also be telling me I’m slightly ADD as I probably have enough craft supplies currently in my home that I could work on a different one each day of the year!  (We won’t even discuss my Pinterest board(s).)  So, my goal here is to work on, and finish those I already have the stuff for.  No more new stuff!  (That’s going to kill me!)
  • Home projects
    • We have an older home (1920’s) — ’nuff said.  My husband is a handy man extraordinaire when he’s not doing his true job of nursing.  (He’s also a fantastic mechanic. . .)  Anyway, when it comes to home projects he’s the man that usually gets it done.  Which makes one wonder how this is on my list. . .
  • Personal
    • This is for those items which don’t fall into the above two categories.  I’m thinking it will include things like photo albums and genealogy.
  • Space
    • Phew!  Gosh!  We have lived in this house for 11+ years.  It’s the longest we’ve lived anywhere (being career military prior to settling here).  Do you have any idea how much STUFF a person collects in living the same space for so long???  Well, I didn’t; thus, falling into the trap of having way too much of it.
  • Professional
    • I’m an independent contractor, and work from home.  To be fair, generally, my work space is probably the most orderly of the entire house.  However, I have found the last six months to be brutal in all aspects of my life and this area definitely needs work.
  • School
    • I think I can claim being an independent contractor here too as I homeschool my kids. 😀  (Actually, I only have two left, as the other two have graduated.)  It is incredible the amount one accumulates homeschooling.  I know others don’t, and I envy them.  (Yet, at the same time, I love my stuff.)  Also, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten rid of something thinking I’ll never use it only to turn around and have to buy it again!  So, I really struggle in this area of de-cluttering.  Plus, I love the books. . .


I read a posting this morning by a young lady and her wish for the new year was for it to be an easy one.  I was honestly gob-smacked.  (Mostly because I believe many of us just imagine our difficulties, or dramatize them into monsters of our own making.)

My wish for this year is to be filled with challenges that I can strive to overcome and grow from.

My goal is to conquer them.


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