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So, my expectation was to write daily.

I did not take into account the time I would be spending in the kitchen.  This is uncool.

Let me back up a bit, because I’m not sure what I’ve said thus far.

We (my husband and I) are going to move to a more plant-based diet.  The plan is to move the kids that way as well (with their permission) but they want a VERY S-L-O-W transition.

I wanted to jumpstart my transition because I’ve tried slower transitions before and they haven’t lasted.  Thinking on it, it’s because “familiar” is oh-so-much easier!  Especially when it comes to meals that you have to make at the end of the day.

So, my “grand” plan was to do a juice fast ala “Reboot with Joe Cross”.

Couple of things:  I still have to cook for a family of 4 — boys ages (hubby), 21, 15, and 14 and. . .I hate juice.  Like, normal orange or apple juice would never grace my home if it were not for my husband.

I thought I’d start with the 15 day classic juice plan.  I’m on day 5.  This is significant because you don’t juice full time till day 6.  The first 5 are kind of transitioning you into it.

First item of note — it has been way too much food.  I can’t eat it all and that’s sayin’ something as my husband has been eating the dinners with me.  I have not adjusted the recipes at all.

Produce is super filling!

Secondly, as a general rule the juices have been tolerable or gross.  I’ve determined if it calls for lemon or lime it’s not going in anymore as the first two I tried with that were undrinkable.

My kids have been somewhat willing to give things a taste (until one of those juices with a lime in it).  So, that’s promising.  (We generally do use lemon and lime in our cooking — this is just over the top.)

Oh, I made a couple of concessions up front about the 15 day plan.  The first being that I could have raw nuts *whenever* the need arose.  I’m a big “crunch” fan, and the idea of not crunching on something on any given day caused me all sorts of issues.  I’ve yet to have more than a 1/4 cup on any given day.  (Probably because my raw nuts are still in the shell, and there’s only so much time in the day!)

Secondly, I’m allowed popcorn on family movie night (once a week).  Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack and the popcorn is homemade by me. So there’s absolutely no way in hell I’m making it and not eating it.  Plus, it’s just popcorn in a touch of oil with a bit of salt.

I did cheat last night.  The kids were having Stroganoff (creamy pasta deliciousness).  I ate 3 forkfuls.  I need to find a veg version of that as I could totally do it with just mushrooms (rather than beef).  Hmmm.  (Pastas, rice, and breads are my “thing”.)

My husband despises mushrooms.

Anyway, this has involved an intense amount of prep and cooking.  So, getting on here to write hasn’t happened like I had hoped.

Based on my juice experience thus far, I’m seriously tempted to skip the next 10 days and do the transition out period.

I did step on the scale today to discover I’ve lost 8 pounds.  That’s more probably due to the lack of the daily 4 cups of coffee (with oodles of sugar and cream) and chocolates than anything else.

And, now my intestines are complaining.  Because, apparently, the kitchen isn’t going to be the only room that demands so much of my time.


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