Some Dietary Thoughts

Okay, I have a couple random thoughts on this diet at week 3.  I figure it’s good to get them down now, so I can laugh at them at the end of the year (hopefully).

First, my husband is loving this diet.  Me, not so much.  I’ve been giving this quite a lot of thought, and I think I hit on a couple of things.  The first being that, for the most part, every recipe I’ve made doesn’t actually require teeth to “chew”.  You could literally gum your way through an entire meal.  Also, I don’t like peppers.  A lot of this stuff has peppers in the recipe; and while I’m okay with pepper seasonings (dry, ground, flakes, etc.) I really, really don’t like peppers.  My husband does, so I put in about 1/3 of what is suggested, but still it’s gross.  Additionally, “pepper burps” are nasty.  It was bad enough I had to choke it down, I seriously don’t want to be reminded.

Secondly, I’m dying coming up with sides.  I mean, hello?  It’s all vegetables, why have sides?  (Probably for that all important crunch factor, I’m missing.)

Third, people keep asking me about the change in my grocery bill.  This kills me, on many levels.  So, let me put it out there right now.  Our average “grocery cost” last year (2016) was $250 / week.  I feed myself, hubby, 22, 15, and 14 year old sons.  (My 24 year old son is no longer at home — and even though he’s the smallest, he cost the most to feed.)  Now “grocery costs” include EVERYTHING I buy at the grocery store.  Why people separate it is beyond me, but I know a lot of people do.  (And, I truly believe they just throw numbers out their butt when they tell you how much they spend on “groceries only”.)  So, laundry detergent, toilet paper, pet products (we have 3 cats and a dog), all that stuff is in there.  (I do shop at a grocery store vs. something like Walmart — so clothes and things of that nature aren’t on the ticket.)  We’ve only been doing this for 3 weeks, and my bills have fluctuated wildly.  I’m not even going to hazard a guess about how this is effecting my grocery bill until I get it under control.  On that note though, I foresee that I will need to be VERY diligent / detail oriented about menu planning, and shopping.  (If only to ensure the food doesn’t go bad.)  That’s really unfortunate, because I haven’t been on that band-wagon for over a decade.

Oh, and I’ve discovered that I have REALLY STRONG opinions on recipe books — but that will be a separate post entirely.

Finally, my younger guys are doing a fair job of trying the food.  They get a lot of their tastes from me, so I think my big complaints are a lot of theirs.  But, they don’t fight about it, so that’s good, and they are helping with the preparation of the food without complaint either.  (We did just start this trend this past week, so we’ll see how it is in a year.)

PS  No, I’m not craving meat; nor am I ever feeling hungry.



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