Recipe Book Opinions

I have bought 5 new recipe books in the past month in order to do this diet change.  I have at least 4 oldie-but-goodie recipe books up in my cupboard.  That does not include all the ones I’ve purchased in the past and gotten rid of.  Because of this complete change of diet and these recipe book purchases, I suddenly became aware of a number of things that I wish people who publish recipe books would implement.  (And to keep this post from getting insanely long I’m bullet pointing.)

  1. PICTURES!!!!  Dude, put a picture of the final product on the same page as the recipe!  You know, I get that once upon a time there wasn’t such a thing as photography so pictures weren’t included in recipe books.  I get that once upon a time printing pictures was cost prohibitive.  I understand that some people strongly believe in tradition — even if those traditions are completely based on the lack of ability at the time.  Put a picture on EVERY recipe.  On that recipe’s page.  It need not be big (2×2 is a good size); and it certainly doesn’t need all the decoration of a foodie photographer.  It just needs to show what you’re going for.  I will pay for it!  And I know it’s not just me; I’ve talked to many, many others.  (I wish there was underlining available because I can’t stress enough ON THE SAME PAGE as the recipe.)
  2. Matte paper.  I know you wanna use glossy paper because you imagine it looks nicer and sells better.  No!  Just stop yourself right there.  No, no, no.  Hello, unwanted glare!  Like you have to fiddle with a book in the midst of trying to make something so you can simply read the directions.  Save me!  (And save the book, ’cause when you’re in the middle of something it’s pretty much guaranteed that “something” will wind up in the book.)  Also, it’s just harder on the eyes.  But, it does tend to hide imperfections better. . .so, I start to get suspicious.
  3. Do not give me a recipe that I have to make another recipe for to accomplish.  Like, if it’s a “pantry recipe” or “stock recipe” that’s required that’s okay as it would make sense that they are “on hand”.  But if I have to make chili first so I can use a mere two cups of that 1/2 gallon chili to make the recipe I wanna make — just shoot me.  Worse, don’t ask me to make two other recipes so I can make this one. Uh-uh, no way!  Just stop what you’re doing right there and walk away.  Because that’s exactly what I’m doing (your customer).
  4. Also, if your recipe calls for soaked nuts that should totally count in your prep time.  I mean the fact that it doesn’t, (and from what I understand you shouldn’t just keep a jar of soaking nuts around), tells me something is seriously wrong.  Especially when that soaking process could be anywhere from 2 to 12 hours.  (This could go for dry beans as well.)  At the very least put a warning label right at the top.

Those are just the big changes that are driving me berserk.  And honestly, if they were implemented, I promise I’ll keep all my small gripes to myself and be happy with the outcome.



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