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Jumping from the Train

Looking back over these past posts and it seems like my whole existence is this diet change.  (It feels like it in real life too.)  However, that is not the only thing that I’m attempting to accomplish this year so regardless of the current situation I’m jumping off this crazy train and reminding myself that other things need to be accomplished as well.

So, I’m setting a couple of goals for myself in 3 areas.


As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve oodles of crafts waiting to be worked on and finished.  While I would love to imagine me getting tons done, it would probably be wise to set “realistic expectations”.  I honestly don’t have a clue what’s “realistic”; thus the reason why I have all these projects awaiting my attention but I’m going to try to set one all the same.  Therefore, I’m going to attempt to finish once complete craft per month.  (And also not buy stuff for new crafts, even though I’m dying to!)



I have the short-term goal of getting it under control by the end of the month.  I don’t know what it will be after that.  I need to consider it further.



Get one thing “sorted” each month.  Technically, we have 12 rooms in this house, so I could say, “sort one room per month”.  But some rooms will take a huge deal of effort and others hardly any at all.  I mean the school room / office will probably take 3 months by itself.  So, I don’t know how that will work.  I do know that as of this point I have one week in which to sort something for this month.  I have absolutely no clue what it will be.


Okay, there you go.  Goals set (albeit some are vague) for the remaining few days of this month.  Now to accomplish them.




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