School Goals

I honestly don’t know what my school goals are for this year.  I mean other for staying on top of things.  (Which is actually VERY difficult for me, and I don’t have a clue why.)  So, if I could manage to do that, then I would consider the year highly successful.

Suddenly reminded I have some grading to do and record.  . .

I have implemented a couple of new things this month.

First, the boys are joining me in the kitchen every night (they take turns) to help with the meal making.  I was much better with getting the older two in the kitchen at a younger age, and have been berating myself about taking this long to get the younger two in there with me.  I’m pretty sure the reason why is two-fold.

  • When I was cooking dinner the kids would all disappear.  Given that I spend 98% of my awake time with them, that alone time was glorious.
  • I knew how long it would take me to make a meal.  I also knew that bringing them into the fold would slow the process down quite a bit.  I’m jealous of any free time I get in a day, so I wasn’t about to cut it back.

However, on this new diet we are on, I have no clue how long anything will take.  I just know that it will take “forever” and it involves a lot of work.  Also, my older guys are gone most of the time and the younger ones are more independent so working with them at dinner isn’t the drain it once was.

And, I truly want them to know how to cook!  I can’t tell you how many people (male and female) I know that can’t cook and that scares me.  I’d like to know that the boys will be well-fed when they finally leave the nest.

Secondly, I’m attempting to teach the boys goal setting.  They had an assignment awhile ago from a co-op class to set short-term and long-term goals.  This was just bizarre to them.  Personally, at the time, I thought it a silly assignment.  But, I gave it some thought.  (Because all these teachers at co-op are brilliant, and I shouldn’t poo-poo their assignments without giving it some thought.)  I determined this goal setting thing was good after all because of some articles that I’ve read recently.  (I’d give you their links, but I don’t think I have them any more.)

One article was talking about the success rate of those that keeps lists and set goals.  (It was pretty simple and straightforward, so there’s not much more to say on the matter.  Although, if I recall correctly it was like 5 pages long.)

The second article was discussing a trend that was being noticed in young adults that was detrimental to their success.  The writer of this article was specifically blaming schools / teachers for this trend.  Young adults seem to be struggling with taking a big project and breaking it down into doable parts.  So much so that they freeze and do nothing; thus either quitting or getting fired.  (The blame directed towards teachers / schools is that the majority of “big projects” that kids are assigned in school are already pre-broken down for them so that instructors can check on them at various points.)

Therefore, goal-setting.  We’ll see how this goes as the year progresses.  I’ve added a picture of what our goal setting sheet looks like.  Each kid gets one to work on.  The idea, hopefully is that they will come up with long-term goals and figure out how to break it down into doable parts to make that a reality.


Two items I’m working on that just seriously need to get done, but take way too much of my time are updating two co-op classes that I teach.

I teach a world geography class and the only thing remaining I need to update for that class is the game we play.  I should just knock that out.

The second class I teach is “MEC”  money-management, economics and computers.  It’s an overwhelming class; and it’s project based.  I need to re-work all the projects to make them more understandable and uniform.  The problem is we are working on a brand-new 15 week project right now.  It’s kicking my butt.

But, these need to get done, and soon, as I know I have to work on the new history the boys will be starting in about a month.


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