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January Review

I’m still in the midst of writing my goals for Feb. (and today is the 2nd), but I figured the best thing to do now is see what I was able to accomplish in Jan.

I lost 8 pounds in Jan.  and kept it off.  We’ll see if that continues.  I don’t know how I feel about it, because all of those 8 pounds came off right quick and I think most of it is due to the fact that I gave up coffee.

I’ve since decided life is too short to give up coffee.

I’ve been pretty darn good about limiting my meat / carbs / dairy intake.  Oh, and chocolate, I gave that up too.

I haven’t decided for sure, but life may be too short to go without chocolate too.

I have not really started exercising at all.  We’ll put that down as a goal to start in Feb.

I did manage to clean up a space — that space being my closet / dresser.  It was 1 bag going to Goodwill; and probably the same amount going in the trash.

Professionally, I’ve done what’s required for tax reporting, but there is still more to catch up on.  I’m struggling with this as one of my clients keeps screwing up their books, and I know it’s because it doesn’t make sense to them, but I truly wish they’d stop trying to “help out”.

I’ve read 9 books this month — 8 of which were mere “eye candy” (books easily read and easily forgotten), and one that was truly entertaining.

Craft-wise I managed to finish a “capelet” for my son’s girlfriend.  Of course, she’s been so busy recently, I haven’t had a chance to really see it on her. So, I had to use a son to “model” it for me.  This idea was, apparently, offensive so he wore a hoodie to cover himself.  😉  As pleased with the overall result as I am, I think my favorite thing about it was the button.


Honestly, school stuff is kicking my butt right now; however, I did manage to complete a unit study I created.  So, I’ll take that for what it’s worth.

And, I think that’s pretty much it.

*sigh* So much more to do and so little time!


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