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February Review

February was incredibly mild this year (in fact our entire winter has been).  It ended with a hail storm and then a rainbow.  Go figure.

Note to self: our dog has continued shedding all winter long.  At first, I thought it was due to his age (15), but one of our friends who has a puppy not yet 1 year, (and one that certainly does NOT have an undercoat like she seems to think he does) says her pup has been shedding like a fiend this winter as well.  (‘Course maybe she believes it’s horrid because she’s just still just getting used to having an animal. . . )  Hypothesis:  Possibly a hellacious summer ahead?  If so, that could be really bad as we did not renew our pool membership.

Feb. flew by.  I mean, it generally does simply because it’s short to begin with, and this tends to be the season the boys go snowboarding and such, but this year it went way too fast.

I found myself procrastinating a lot in Feb. this year.  This is not unusual at any point of the year, as I consider myself the queen of procrastination.  However, the thing that was unusual is I took the time to ponder the whys and wherefores.  That was interesting.

I came up with 3 reasons why I procrastinate.

  1. don’t wanna — this is actually the least likely reason I’ll procrastinate.  As a general rule I like what I do.  However, things like “shopping” — will fall into this realm with alarming regularity.  (For example, I really need to run to the store and get some new cookie sheets as mine are going bad.  And a new wok. . .We’ll see if that happens anytime soon.)
  2. “putting out a fire” — the category of how outside things can affect your life.  For example, in our area snowboarding season is about 6 weeks long, which means they go when they can.  Or, a client calling and needing certain paperwork by end of day. Or. . .life’s little surprises as and when they happen.
  3. it’s a puzzler — like a mental puzzle with no guide to help in it’s construction, or to fathom what it’s outcome should be like.  This is actually what I’m “known for”.  (It’s odd that I’m actually known for anything, but I do get called in for this particular “skill” on a regular basis.)  I’m asked to create classes wherein they tell me what they want to include and then want me to come up with a year-long class.  Like a unit study — which varies in difficulty based on the subject(s).  Science, I can whip out in a weekend.  History about 3-6 months (depending on what else they wish to include).  But the “tedious” high-school classes, like one where I’m to incorporate computers, economics and finance. . .take quite a bit longer.  (Because, let’s face it, who wants tedious?)  Lots of times I walk away from a project for a bit and do other things (things that make my husband furious to think I’m procrastinating so), but in reality I just need to step away and think it through and visualize the outcome(s).

And, on that note, I managed to read 10 books this month.  😉  (My go-to procrastination method.)

I also spent a weekend in home supply stores, because my husband has decided to remodel the basement bathroom.


This has actually caused a massive disagreement between the two of us (which is rare in a remodel as we generally tend to be “on the same page”).  The problem arises from the fact that the original-original (it had been re-done in the past by a previous owner) drains and such are against one wall, and he wants to keep them there.  But, it’s a fair sized space; so this arrangement is going to look seriously lopsided.  However, after getting frustrated with each other I finally realized that I, or guests, rarely ever use that bathroom, so if he wants his lopsided space he can have it.  He, in turn, has realized how lopsided this will be, so we are currently working on designs to “compensate”.  Ah, the art of compromise. . . (I am truly grateful that we do so often tend to have similar ideas!)

I’m pretty sure a squirrel has taken up residence in our home.  There will be no compromise made with him / her / it, as hubby has promised to resolve this particular issue this weekend.

We also had company surprise us this past month.  It was fantastic though, as the weather was in the upper 60’s and gorgeous the entire time they were here.  We spent almost the entire time hiking different areas.  In all honesty, that’s about the extent of my exercise this month though.


This would be my 15 year-old, 6 foot-4, son, who was frequently getting frustrated with how “slow” we walked. . .  I still love him, even though he can be all frowny-faced.

Because we were gone away from home so much during that visit, we tended to eat out a lot.  I don’t know that I lost any weight this past month, and I’m at a loss as to say why (except for maybe that eating out bit).  My intake is definitely close to half what it was prior to starting this whole new diet plan.

My husband is loving this diet change for the most part.  I and the kids, on-the-other-hand, are finding it very much an eat-to-live vs. live-to-eat diet.  Like, it’s almost always edible, but it’s rare for us to declare it’s good.  It’s actually almost depressing.

I’m also finding myself getting very frustrated with my husband over the food available.  For example, if I buy salad stuff for a recipe, I have more than once had to suddenly come up with a different recipe to make because hubby decided he’d take a salad in to work.  Or, I go shopping once a week, and the very day I go shopping he’s pawing through the items in the fridge grumbling about what’s going to go bad before we get a chance to use it.

For the record, about the only thing in our fridge right now that is in danger of going bad is the tofu — which is gross, and I hope it does go bad.

Do you think if you were to dehydrate tofu it would be less horrid?  I take issue with its texture (that of soft cheese); and while I’ve tried to fry the snot out of it, that didn’t go over any better as it still seemed “soggy”.  How people imagine this can be a stand-in for meat is beyond me.  Unless you are comparing it to a Vienna Sausage. . . (I did buy the “extra-firm” too.  I’m rather curious now what “firm” item they compared it to that made them deem it “extra-firm”.)

I meant to declutter a lot more than I did. . .But, all I managed to go through was this box.


I know it seems pathetic, but the box was filled with cooking magazines and other recipes collected through the years.


So, I spent probably a good week going through all the recipes in said magazines and pulling any that would work for us.  (I got about 20.)  Sadly, the box is still there, but now it contains a lot of art supplies that need to be sorted. . . later.

I have been working on another craft project that I had started last year; I think in late November.  (Probably the queen of “perfect” timing as well.)


Little mini cross-stitched stocking tree ornaments.  I think by Dec. 5th I realized there was no way in Hades these were going to get done by Christmas so I put them away.  Well, I’ve started again.  I’m under the impression that it will take me at least 1 week to fully complete each stocking.  There are 30 of them.  :/  But, I’m making headway.  I think.  I have only done the cross-stitching thus far and am working on my 8th one.  I keep telling myself that my goal this year is to COMPLETE projects that have already been started.  (It’s killing me, honestly, as there are so many new ones I want to start.)

School has whooped our butts this month.  I’m going to pretend it didn’t exist.  Then, maybe, we’ll come out even.


One thought on “February Review

  1. Just found your blog and am enjoying it! Couple of thoughts on your new plant based diet–our family moved this direction a couple years ago. What saved me was I discovered recipes by Lindsay Nixon, aka Happy Herbivore. She has several recipe books on Amazon (I now have them all!) as well as a web site with lots of free recipes on it. Last year I even signed up for a year of her menu and recipes! Best gift I ever gave to myself! Try some of her free recipes out from her site. Even my VERY picky eater husband has loved about 75% of them, and for him that is amazing! In addition, I have lost much needed weight, cholesterol came down big, no longer prediabetes, etc!

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