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April / May 2017 Review


I am sitting here trying to figure out when my “relaxed season” of the year is, because this year just seems to be worse than all those previous.

I am not so late in putting up a review due to lack of things to say; rather a lack of time in which to write them down.  There are, honestly, many times I wish I could just plug my brain into the computer and download.  It’d be so much faster!  But then, who truly would want to see the inner workings of my brain?

We school year round.  Therefore, we have spent the last month doing our final push for “this year” so we can have our review.  After our review we will have 9 weeks before our first school break.  This year’s school break is going to be awesome as we are taking a cruise of New England and Canada with the two younger kids and my folks.

Of course, one of the things my guys just truly want to do, is go biking.  Biking!  The last time I was on a bike was about 11 years ago!  And I’m a HUGE (not size, just in desire) couch potato.  But, as “luck” would have it, they have a “Couch to 30 plan“.  I will only need to get to 15.  I’m gonna die!

For the record, I despise exercising.  I always have.  I mean, I like walking / hiking — at my own pace, in a wooded space.  But, I have never, not once EVER, felt good after exercising.  (Yes, I know there is a double negative there.)  Even when I exercised all the time and was fit and trim.  I hated it.  Blech.  Those happy little endorphins the exercise gurus love to go on about. . . someone else must have mine.  I honestly get more enjoyment from brushing my teeth than I do from thinking about, doing, or having done any form of exercise.

And if it were true what they say about feeling better when you exercise regularly, why is it we are becoming a nation of obese people???  Hmmm???

I had to go to the doctor for an annual physical this past week.  She harped on me about upping my exercise.  Then, she wanted to know what I like to do (as a basis for upping my activity).  The fact that I find my joy in things that involve me sitting and barely moving (reading, knitting, needlework, etc.) did not impress her near as much as I thought it should.

I hate going to the doctor.  To be perfectly honest, going to doctors has destroyed my belief in their profession.  It’s like every bloomin’ time I go they are convinced that I have a thyroid issue (due to various symptoms).  And yet, my blood work always comes back in the normal range.  So the symptoms are still here, and the doctors do nothing.  It’s like at some point the symptoms should surely over-ride the results of a blood test, right?


My youngest son spent years going to specialists and having all sorts of special testing done, and in the end it was I who came up with his diagnosis.  The doctors kept fighting us on it because it “would be highly unusual for a kid his age to suffer from this”.  Finally, one doctor was willing to bargain with me.  We’d try it my way first, and “when it doesn’t work” we’d do it his way.

It worked.

And, our doctors work at a nationally renowned provider.  It’s frustrating.


Our final year-end break is coming up and we are going to go visit my husband’s family.  I’m striving to overcome my anxiety of “doing nothing” for 8 days.  I mean, there is so much stuff to be done, but what can I bring that wouldn’t be considered rude?  You have to understand that his family doesn’t really “do” anything.  They sit and drink coffee and talk.  (And it’s always the same stories!)  For this reason, the boys and I don’t go that often.  But, now we are going for 8 entire days.  Oh, lookie!  It’s calling for rain.

That’s it!  I’m just determining right now to have a fabulous time if it kills me.  I do love his family, so that won’t be an issue.  I will just ensure the boys pack things to entertain themselves (without the benefit of electronics).  And I’ll pack. . .cross-stitch.  Yep, that’s something that needs to be done, and I don’t think anyone would find it rude.

And, it’s not as if all this stuff won’t wait for me to return to complete it.



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